Living Legends & Legacy Builders

The MFRW Torchbearers Club (MFRW‘s signature fundraiser) was created by MFRW Board action on March 25, 2000 to honor Evelyn McPhail – assuring her flame was kept alive; and to establish an alternate funding source for the programs/projects of MFRW. Emulating the great vision of former Republican National Committee Chairperson and Mississippi Republican Party Chairman Evelyn McPhail, of promoting the Mississippi Republican Party,  members of the Torchbearer Club gather in her memory to recommit to the vision and to enjoy networking opportunities at receptions or dinners at the MFRW meetings.

In 2021, after the sunset of the MFRW Torchbearers Club, Living Legends & Legacy Builders was born.  Living Legends & Legacy Builders are presented a pin upon membership to the beautiful “flame” pin that signifies their on-going commitment to the vision of “keeping the torch burning”.  If you would like to join Membership dues fo this exclusive club is $100 per year and will include a reception at an MFRW event.

Click here to download the application for mailing purposes or you may pay here for instant membership.

We would like to express our sincere thanks to those who have faithfully supported the Evelyn McPhail Torchbearer’s Club throughout the years and the future of Living Legends & Legacy Builders. Past President Rita Wray serves as chair of Living Legends & Legacy Builders.


Brenda Wood           2002                                 Vivian Dailey           2021

Jeanne Luckey          2004                                Keri Abernathy      2023

Nell Frisbie               2006

Cindy Phillips           2008

Rita Wray                  2010

Ruby Ainsworth      2012

Ellen Jernigan          2013

Kathy Henry            2015

Dana Stringer          2017

Nancy Frohn           2019